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Free Initial Consultation

Dennis offers a free one-hour initial consultation on all Estate Planning matters. Please contact our office at 623.252.0615 to schedule your free consultation. Evening appointments are available on a limited basis.

This visit is intended to be a learning process for both you and your attorney. Dennis promises to listen to your unique circumstances and concerns. He will endeavor to inform you of the appropriate solutions to address your state of affairs, so that you may better protect you and your family.

Please note: The information you share with this office is confidential and private pursuant to the attorney-client privilege. That is true whether or not you choose to retain Dennis’ services. 


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have taken the right steps to develop a plan that will meet the needs of you and your family throughout your lifetime and beyond. Create not just a plan, but a legacy that will be remembered and have impact and influence on those you leave behind.
trust papersThis site is designed to save you time and money by walking you through the basics of estate planning and the associated tax issues – all explained in plain English.

I promise you no legalese - just plain English.


Why do you need an Estate Plan?

Many client’s informed vision of Estate Planning is usually something like this:

“We want to control our property while we are alive, take care of us and our loved ones if we become disabled, and give what we have, to whom we want, the way we want, and when we want. Furthermore, if we can, we want to save every last tax dollar, professional fee, and court cost legally possible.”

If you do not have an estate plan that meets the objectives stated above, someone else has control of your affairs. This is true not just upon your death, but also upon your incapacity. Arizona intestacy laws will dispose of your assets upon your passing according to state law. Likewise, costly guardianship and conservatorship proceedings will determine who takes care of you and manages your assets upon your incapacity.

Planning now while you are fully capable puts you in control! Additionally, you have an opportunity to positively impact your loved ones and/or favorite charities for many decades by crafting a plan tailored to your desires.

To learn more about the solutions that put you in control, please call the office to sign up for our free seminar, Estate Planning 101, or to schedule a free initial consultation.


Estate Planning 101Microsoft™ PowerPoint™.

The tragic consequences of poor estate planning include:

1. Expensive court proceedings resulting in a stranger managing your healthcare and your money;

2. Your children’s inheritance being lost to poor planning, creditors, ex-spouses, or to your surviving spouse’s new marriage partner;

3. Payment of large estate taxes; and

4. The hassles of probate.

Does your current estate plan put you in control and avoid these pitfalls? 

Join Dennis Caufield, as he presents estate planning solutions to protect you and your family- in plain English (not legalese).

Reservations are required.

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