Working With Dennis

Dennis understands that setting up a plan to protect you and your loved ones is of great importance to you.  To make your experience as effective and painless as possible, Dennis has designed a process to make sure that you will have ample opportunity to share your unique circumstances, hopes and concerns.  This will help ensure that the resulting plan will have the maximum beneficial impact on both you and your loved ones.  Below is a brief discussion of what you can expect when working with Dennis. 

1.  Schedule a Free Initial Consultation with Dennis
The free initial consultation is scheduled within 2 weeks of your call to the office.  Prior to the initial meeting you may find it helpful to review the the powerpoint presentation on the home page to take some of the mystery out of estate planning. 

2.  Completion of your Personal Information Form.  
After scheduling the appointment, you will be mailed (or emailed if you prefer) a personal information form.  This form is designed to elicit pertinent information so that your free initial consultation is not wasted with a Q & A of background information.  Additionally, it presents questions that help you to start thinking about the decisions that you will have to make.  That way, when you sit down with Dennis you will be prepared to have a more productive conversation where you present your concerns and Dennis can cut to the chase and delve into the heart of the issues that impact both you and your family. 

3.  Free Initial Consultation 
You meet with Dennis who by that time will have already reviewed your Personal Information Form.  He will engage you in a conversation relative to your particular circumstances to help determine the best course of action design your estate plan.  The meeting will not be rushed.  After Dennis proposes a plan of action, he will be able to tell you exactly how much it will cost.  If you choose to proceed, discussion of the deign of your estate plan will continue.  If necessary a follow up meeting will be scheduled to further develop the plan.  Otherwise, a date will be set for the execution meeting meeting to occur within 2 weeks.  

4.  Execution of your personalized Estate Plan 
Prior to the execution meeting, you will receive a diagram of your plan and other documents, to ensure that the plan meets with your desires.  This meeting is not just an expedited signing process.  Dennis will review every page of the estate plan with you, explain pertinent points, and answer all of your questions.  Only after the entire plan has been reviewed, will the signing process take place.  

5.  Follow up meeting for presentation of your Estate Plan binder and CD with stored backup of all your documents 
This meeting takes place within 1 week of the execution of your estate plan and is typically a short meeting.  The reason the estate plan is not given to you at the time of execution is so the entire plan can be scanned onto a CD that has individual files containing each of your documents.  Dennis will meet with you to present the binder and answer any follow up questions that you may have.

The execution of your estate plan typically occurs only 4 weeks from the date of your initial call.